Bring your education back to Taiwan. Diploma Authentication Procedure.

Suppose you want to work or study in Taiwan, your academic qualifications must go through the certification process so you can legally use it in Taiwan. ShingHim has compiled the procedures for the certification of foreign academic qualifications this time. This chapter is aimed at those who want to certify their foreign academic qualifications.

This article is aimed at friends who are in Taiwan and hold a degree(except Taiwan). I will show you the process immediately!

Obtain the graduation certificate to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for “the original copy of foreign academic qualifications to match”, the purpose is to verify a copy of the graduation certificate with the same validity as the original. One copy can be used to make one certification document. It is recommended that you make two copies, one of which can be kept.

Why You Need To Certify True Copy?
True copy and original certification has the same legal effect.! It can be sent directly to the foreign library for certification to avoid loss or damage of the original academic qualifications during the sending process.

Check List:
Certificate of Diploma, The copy of Certificate of Diploma x2、The price of certified true copy: NTD500/sheet

Address ↓
3–5F, 2–2, Sec.1, Jinan Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100219, Taiwan(R.O.C.)

Foreign academic certification needs to be certified by the foreign office/Consulate, so friends in Taiwan must send it by post. Universities in different countries and regions have regulations to go to designated foreign office/Consulate for certification. For example, Japanese universities must go to my country’s office in Japan, universities in New York, U.S. must go to my country’s New York office, and Texas, U.S. Go to our office in Houston and so on. Let’s first figure out which foreign office/Consulate should be sent to!

Check Link:

Because after receiving the mailing documents, the office must further verify your academic qualifications. So you need to apply for a “sealed transcript” of school, and directly ask the school to send it to office.
Different foreign Office/Consulate have different practices. It is recommended that you call the foreign pavilion to inquire first. But most Office/Consulate accept the above practices in generally.

The mailing process is not simple. You must call the foreign office/Consulate in advance to ask for the amount required for the return, and then buy the draft in bank.

You can mailing to Office/Consulate after prepared those documents, including:
a. Diploma’s true copy
b. Passport
c. Draft
d. application form for authentication (

When the Office/Consulate receives your mailing documents and then check the “sealed transcript” you sent in advance, you can successfully complete the academic certification!

The academic certification documents are ready now. But they are all in English? Government or some kind of company read Chinese only in Taiwan. Please find someone or Translation service to help in safely.

Hope this article can help you!
If you want to learn more document processing procedures in different countries or any questions, please follow:




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